Brittnie loves to surf our new site!

We are pleased to present you with a more robust and interactive website. One of the things that we love to do, as many of you are well aware, is interact with our wonderful supporters via Facebook. But there are limitations with Facebook and other social media platforms because we can only share snippets of whats going on at So Cal Mini and there is sooooooo much more we’d like to share. So what’s new?


Our new site will allow you to view all of our wonderful minis that are in need of adoption and sponsorship! We currently only have a handful of minis up, but we plan on adding more minis regularly. Our goal is to have a page for each and every mini that is at the sanctuary! We’ve always said we’ve got a lot of minis, now you will be able to see each and every one of our little rescues. Don’t forget to like your favorite mini (click the heart)!


In addition to adding all of our minis to our site, you will now be able to see which minis are in need of sponsorship. If you are feeling generous, or if one of these beautiful horses tug at your heartstrings, feel free to sponsor the mini. We have sponsorships that last three, six, and twelve months.

If you would rather donate directly to So Cal Mini, you now have the option to make a donation for a little as $1.00 AND make it a monthly recurring donation! We appreciate every donation, no matter the size.

If you would rather donate to a special cause, we will be adding that option soon! Not only can you support a specific horse through sponsorship, but we will be adding special causes with donation goals. These special causes will range from medical treatments to items needed around the ranch.


Ever wanted to support So Cal Mini and get a little sumpin’ sumpin’ for yourself? Check out our new shop. We’ve got shirts, mugs, sweaters, and soon to be much, much more! We are planning tanks, prints, hats and other items. Check back soon!


We now have an events calendar! Want to keep up to speed with all of So Cal Mini’s events? Well, now you can. All of our events will be posted to our events calendar which can be exported to Google Calendar or iCalendar.


As part of our goal to keep you better informed as to the ongoings of So Cal Mini, we now have a fully featured news section. We will post updates on mini progress, adoptions, events, tips & advice, and more!


We are now more accessible! Want to simply send us a message? Fill out our contact form. Want to volunteer? Fill out our volunteer form and let us know when you are available. Are you somewhat local and want to adopt a mini? Fill out our adoption form and we’ll contact you!


We plan on adding to and modifying the website as we continue to grow. If you have any suggestions, we’d love to hear them!