UPDATE: Prince and Captain Fantastic Adopted!
We are very pleased to announce that or long-time So Cal Mini resident, Prince, has been adopted to a wonderful new forever home. For some reason, Prince was always overlooked when adopters came to visit, and we were concerned he would not get adopted. As it turns out, he was just waiting for the perfect human!
Prince and Fantastic
Prince & Captain Fantastic at their new home!

Prince is exceedingly sweet and mellow. We have no doubts that he will love his new home and new companions.

But, Prince did not go alone! Prince’s best bud, Captain Fantastic, was adopted alongside him, for which we are so happy. Prince and Captain Fantastic bonded and were always together. When we found a wonderful home for Prince, we insisted that Captain Fantastic go along, and the adopter was more than happy adopt Captain Fantastic to ensure that both buddies would never be separated.

Captain Fantastic, came to the sanctuary from an auction late last year. He came in very skinny but otherwise healthy. He loves to eat and bonded almost immediately with Prince. They have been almost inseparable.