Did we mention the minis love cookies?
We now have an Amazon Wishlist!

Donating money to your favorite cause is always a feel-good thing; we do it regularly. But sometimes donating money feels a bit too impersonal. Sure, your money is always going to a good cause and being put to good use–especially at So Cal Mini–but sometimes you want to know that your money is going to something specific, something special. Perhaps cookies?

It was with that mindset, that we created our Amazon Wishlist. The sanctuary is always in need of the little things, from fly maks to dewormers and everything in between. We’ve loaded our Amazon Wishlist with the things that we use on a regular basis, and a few items we currently do not have but would like.

If you’ve never purchased items from an Amazon Wishlist, fear not as the process is extremely simple. All you have to do is click this link to our Amazon Wishlist, select an item that you would like to donate and add it to your Amazon shopping cart. After which, checkout as normal. When you reach the checkout page, you will see that So Cal Mini Horse Sanctuary automagically appears as a shipping destination. Select So Cal Mini, add a love note in the gift message box and complete your checkout. Your donation will be on its way!

As always, we appreciate all donations, so if you have any items on our wishlist already and would like to donate them, please contact us.