• Muck Cart
We need muck carts!

We currently have three muck carts. Unfortunately, two of our carts have had their handles bend downward over time, which makes them difficult to use and tip. We use muck carts on a daily basis to clean up after our little pooping machines. With over 60 minis on hand, there are a lot “little gifts” to clean up, and combined it weights more than you would think; because of this, the muck cart handles often wear down making the carts difficult to maneuver. We’ve tried bending the handles back, but that only weakens the metal bars and makes the problem worse. Now I know what you might be thinking: why not get wheelbarrows? Muck carts are often very deep, holding 11-12 cubic feet of material, whereas a wheelbarrow holds half that.

So we are asking our kind supports for assistance. If you have a muck cart in good condition and would like to donate it to the sanctuary, we’d love to have it! Alternatively, if you would like to donate to our muck cart fund, that would also be fantastic. These carts cost approximately $300 each. We would like to buy two new carts.