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Thank you to all of our wonderful supporters. Belle has had met with the farrier and veterinarian. Her care will need to be ongoing due to her founder and low weight. We are working to get weight on her, but it is proving a bit difficult due to her age. The real good news, however, is that she has bonded with Princess Buttercup and is much less depressed because of her new best buddy. Lastly, we are very pleased that she now has a sponsor in the wonderful Kimberly W. We love you, Kim!

This is little Belle. This is the face of neglect. Belle came to us thanks to a rescue angel, Melissa, who refused to allow her owner to take her to auction. She has slippers for hooves, due to lack of regular farrier checkups, so she can barely walk. She also has a belly full of worms and is underweight. She will need several weeks of careful hoof trimming so she can walk without discomfort. She will also need to have blood drawn to look for any infections or other health issues. We will also need to have her teeth floated and update all of her shots. As she is in such bad shape, we will be putting her on a special diet as not to cause any stress to her already stressed out body.

We will give her all the care and love that she should have been receiving all along, but we cannot do it alone. We need to ask our wonderful supporters for help. We’d like to raise $500 to cover her anticipated expenses. Additionally, if anyone would like to sponsor her (food and incidentals), please contact us.

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