Special thank you to Kimberly, Gaynor, Kathy, Nancy, Mary Lee, and Carla for making this all possible!

UPDATE: 15 February 2018


The veterinarian was out to look at Belle yesterday. The good news is that her blood work shows no issues other than malnutrition. In other words, her poor condition is the result of tremendous neglect rather than a disease or infection. The not so good news is that the vet confirmed that she has foundered. This we can manage, but this will make her recovery that much more difficult and lengthy. We are also dealing with her depression which is typical of a horse that had to deal with abuse and/or neglect.

A special thank you goes out to our volunteers, Dixie and Irene, who have spent some time grooming her, singing to her, and just letting her know that she is safe and loved.

Also, an extra special thank you to her wonderful sponsor and generous contributor, Kimberly, without whom much of this would not be possible.

UPDATE: 10 February 2018

WOW! Belle has only been with us for a day and all the love and support you’ve all given her is TREMENDOUS! We cannot begin to thank you enough!

Today we were able to have the farrier visit so that Belle could have her first of many trims. Because of how long she has gone without proper hoof care, it will take many months before she can walk normally. When a horse goes this long without their hooves being trimmed, they grow and grow and continue to do so until they grow into slipper like fashion. With wild horses, hooves are worn down naturally as they traverse different landscapes. But captive horses, such as Belle, are often relegated to soft sandy/dirt surfaces with no opportunity for their hooves to wear down naturally. This causes the horse to have to change the way they walk and thus affecting the muscles. With each corrective trim, she will need to relearn how to walk properly and readjust to using the correct set of muscle groups. As such, the farrier will make minor trims and adjustments over the coming months to ease her into a natural gait.

Medically, her temperature is normal and we have wormed her (MUCHO thank you to all of our Amazon Wishlist donators!). The vet has been notified and will visit soon for her first checkup. Additionally, she is eating and eating well.

Stay tuned for updates on her progress.

Thank you again to all of our wonderful supporters!