Lola and Aurora, Happy and Healthy!

Lola and Aurora, Happy and Healthy!

Lola and Aurora

First and foremost, we are very excited to say that we have adopted out Lola and Aurora to their new forever home. Lola and Aurora came to the sanctuary via an auction in Kentucky. When they arrived they were skin and bones, very badly emaciated and suffering from pneumonia. They were both about a year to a year-and-a-half old at the time of their arrival, and it took a lot of work, love, and effort to get these two beauties back to their lovable, beautiful selves. We are just elated that they are now healthy, happy, and at their new forever home.

Teaspoon, Pixie Dust, Hope, Rebel, and Rowdy

One the many benefits that we get working with our minis is that we get to meet wonderful people. There are a lot of wonderful people, like you, who support us via Facebook, donations, and some that are volunteers at the sanctuary. Each and every one of you is amazing, but some people just stand out; that is the case with Chris and Irene. These two devote a lot of their personal time working with all of our minis and helping out around the sanctuary. We are so happy that Chris and Irene have gone from super awesome volunteers that do amazing things around the sanctuary to super-duper awesome volunteers that have just adopted Teaspoon, Pixie Dust, Hope, Rebel, and Rowdy! We can’t express how happy we are for both the minis and Chris and Irene. We know these guys will have a fantastic home and will be spoiled to death!

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